While it may not technically be winter yet, with the biting cold and even a good sprinkling of snow and ice, it may as well be. Christmas is also on the horizon, making for a good excuse to bring out the metallic markers and glitter pens and decorate everything with little silver snowflakes.

Canadian Boys: Fun on the Ice

After drawing this year’s Bonfire Night bonanza, I became more confident in colouring in an entire page of paper and having a crowd of characters in one small space. Inspired by a few times I went ice-skating in the past, and wanting to channel the famously freezing spirit of the Canadian winter in particular, I imagined a scene where some of the characters from Canadian Boys met to go skating on a frozen-over lake.

The characters used are mostly the same as from the Bonfire Night drawing, with the addition of Charlottetown (in light purple to the far right) and some unnamed crowd members in the far background. While most of the skaters are pretty competent in their skill and elegance – even tiny Pictou (in olive green) – one seems to be tripping up, but still appears to enjoy being clumsy, and his girlfriend even agrees.

A few colours from the Bonfire Night artwork were re-used for this one, with dull light blues and dark holly greens evoking an evergreen forest under a wintry sky, as well as a Christmas tree – one stands just beside the rink with baubles of many colours. I added a snowy touch with a silver glitter pen to create snowflakes blowing in the frosty air. To give the impression of snow settled on the ground, I added dashes of white – actually a very pale shade of grey, since white doesn’t show up on top of white – mixed in with the green of the grass.

Truro Deuville & Yarmouth Clements

Keeping with the ice skating theme, it’s been quite a while since I last met up with Nova Scotia, due to having moved on somewhat to British Columbia during that time. But I was suddenly inspired to draw young lovebirds Truro and Yarmouth skating hand-in-hand, although this was drawn before the picture above. While their love for each other is not immediately obvious, it can be inferred from them holding hands, and Yarmouth’s slight gaze towards Truro.

Truro and Yarmouth’s winter outfits are almost identical to their usual garb (like Vancouver‘s), though with added scarves and gloves, and their jackets zipped up. Truro keeps his shorts-over-trousers, but Yarmouth’s shorts grow to trouser length so his legs are not bared against the frigid air.

To make it simpler, I added slashes of pale blue onto the ‘floor’ to look a little like ice. This keeps the focus on Truro and Yarmouth, helping them to stand out with their bright, un-wintry colours. Because who says winter has to be drab and grey?