The first multiple exhibition of 2018 might be a little out of place with the cold temperatures and snowy showers, but it’s never too early to start dreaming of warmer climes and sunny days by the sea.

This was actually spurred on by a (sort of) major update to the game I’m currently creating, Freddy for Action. In the original version of the game, bodies of water, such as the sea, could not be swum in – only stepped into. However, I later decided to add the ability to swim to the game, and also had an idea to allow the player to dress the three playable characters in whatever outfits they want to, which includes swimwear.

This would otherwise go unnoticed by my audience, so I got on to designing some promotional artworks to show off the trio of heroes’ new abilities.

Toronto Lester, Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau & Vancouver Burnaby

The first in the set has the threesome simply wearing pairs of swimming trunks, the colours of which correspond to their usual outfits. Montreal’s trunks are the only ones in more than one colour, since they are based on his usual shirt, which is a patriotic piece.

Toronto Lester, Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau & Vancouver Burnaby

The second has the trio wearing swim vest with their trunks, probably for when they’re feeling a little more modest. I coloured Toronto and Vancouver’s vests a different shade of blue and red from the usual for a little variation. Montreal’s outfit may remind one slightly of 1980s fashion…

Toronto Lester, Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau & Vancouver Burnaby

The finishing touch to the set shows the trio actually out in action – running out of the sea onto the golden sandy shores. Had they gone swimming in January without warm wetsuits, they would have most likely succumbed to hypothermia, but this drawing is ‘set’ in the summertime, meaning it’s perfect weather for a day at the beach.

You may have also noticed Toronto’s chiselled abdominal muscles compared to Montreal’s and Vancouver’s. When he’s not singing or writing songs, he does like to keep fit – in both senses of the word… 😉

(A full list of the clothes and accessories in Freddy for Action can be found at this wiki article.)