I can have many ideas at one time. Some of them develop further, while many remain as seeds that haven’t yet germinated.

One of those ideas was Stellarton Starman. Conceived as a spacey Saturday morning cartoon in the Canadian Boys universe, it was inspired by all those stories set in outer space I loved to illustrate as a younger child, but ‘modernized’ to fit in with my current focus of art.

As with many in-universe Canadian Boys series, much of the characters are based on those which already exist within the metaverse. In this case, the main characters – as seen above – are based on Stellarton, New Glasgow (from A Nova Scotian Way of Life) and Pictou respectively, but they are given differing designs and personalities so as to not come off as copycat clones.

  • Stellarton Starman

The eponymous hero of the show, Stellarton has the energy and power of all the stars in the sky, hence his name. He fights for peace in the galaxy, usually through non-violent methods – but he does have his laser blaster if things get a little out of hand.

  • New Glasgow Nebula

The ‘villain’ of the show. Although he’s not outright evil, his vanity borders on almost self-indulgence and only being concerned about himself. His flamboyant fashions and equally ostentatious behaviours are a source of much amusement to the citizens of the galaxy, who often can’t take him seriously.

  • Pictou Pluto

Stellarton Starman’s teenage son. Just getting started as a space ranger, he often flies along with his father in his spacecraft so he can learn the basics of being a galaxy pilot. He usually spends time with his mother Port Hawkesbury Hubble as his father is usually away saving the galaxy.

As mentioned before, this idea remains just that – an idea. But the show is still within the Canadian Boys universe, where it’s regular Saturday morning viewing by the kids, and a set of action figures is even playable with.