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My 23rd Birthday — Feb 24, 2018
Early Man (2018): My Thoughts — Feb 19, 2018

Early Man (2018): My Thoughts


Film Fact File

Name: Early Man

Director: Nick Park

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, Kayvan Novak

Genre: Claymation/Comedy/Sports

Year of Release: 2018

Country of Production: United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom

Plot Summary

Millions of years ago, the Earth was hit by an asteroid, wiping out almost all life on the planet… except for a luscious green valley. One tribe will rise to the top above everyone else… via the beautiful game of football.

My Star Rating

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My Thoughts

The creators of the hit Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep pack their trademark claymation charm and sense of humour into this prehistoric story of the first-ever championship football game.

Early Man is a diamond in the rough, as it doesn’t exactly reach the standards set and perfected by the aforementioned titles: it’s a little short compared to most blockbusters on the screen, and it was a lot different story-wise to what I was expecting it to be. But it still has its fair campfire-worthy share of laughs for everyone – if you’re a football fan (which you don’t necessarily have to be to see this film), you might get some of the references made by the commentators at the big game. If you’re a comedy connoisseur, you may find a few of the characters’ voices sound somewhat familiar, especially if you’ve been living in Britain…

It’s like the director Nick Park took The Flintstones and set it amongst a football backdrop, and gave all the characters British (and French) accents.

The Provinces and Territories Show Cast (2015) — Feb 18, 2018

The Provinces and Territories Show Cast (2015)


Unlike its predecessor, Canadian Boys has only had the one spin-off so far, and that’s The Provinces & Territories Show. Following the formula of The States Show, the series replaces states with provinces and territories, each with their own designs and personalities. Although the series has been running since 2011, I hadn’t really drawn the entire cast until four years later, as seen above.

As with its spiritual predecessor, some of the cast of The Provinces & Territories Show are based on characters who are already in Canadian Boys. They do not necessarily live together, but their lives intertwine with each other in the same manner as its parent show.

  • British Columbia

A 16-year-old senior high school student with a somewhat silly and clumsy nature. He has poor concentration, often gets carried away daydreaming at inappropriate times and can easily lose his hold on things. He suffers from an itchy scalp, which explains his habit of scratching his head and frequent schedule of washing his hair. He doesn’t exactly have the most sensible of minds, and he can do stupid things which he may not realize he did until later, when his sanity returns. Nevertheless, he holds a special kind of charm with everybody. His habits and overall personality are modelled on Vancouver.

  • Alberta

A 20-year-old woman who is the impromptu carer of British Columbia. Unlike him, she is sensible and knows how to act according to the situation. She helps him sober up if he starts losing the few pieces of sanity he possesses, and worries about him if he wanders. However, she loves him just as he is, saying he “brings colour” to her life.

  • Saskatchewan

A young man who loves to explore. He always carries his red rucksack around and acts as an entertainer for his comrades so they don’t get bored. He owns a large library of travel guides and dreams of one day making a trip around the length and width of the world. He is modelled on Saskatoon, as they both have a love of wanderlust.

  • Manitoba

A young woman with a caring temperament. She loves the feel of soft things, like her pillow, and uses a lot of endearing terms when she speaks. She comforts others when they are feeling down. She loves to hum to herself.

  • Ontario

The protagonist of The Provinces & Territories Show. By day he is an ordinary young boy, but by night he presents the popular variety TV show House of the Provinces & Territories, directing the line-ups for each episodes and creating the cartoons shown on the big screen. He is modelled on Ottawa, but unlike Ottawa, he does not need an assistant to help him prepare to host the show.

  • Quebec

An 18-year-old French Canadian man who is immensely proud of his Quebecois heritage. A bilingualist speaking both English and French (though he prefers to speak French more), his civic pride is evident through the Quebecois flag outfit he wears. He is somewhat sensitive and can easily be upset by even the tiniest jibe at his feelings. He shares part of his personality with Montreal, as both are French Canadian, bilingual, and are something of softies.

  • New Brunswick

A nine-year-old boy who acts as the ‘villain’ of the series. Mischievous and loving to cause havoc, he habitually taunts other people that they won’t “get” him and frequently plays pranks on them, especially his favourite – muslin bags filled with powdered dye, which he drops into water to colour it in and put off users who drink or swim in it. Despite his waywardness, he still manages to hold a special kind of endearment in people’s hearts.

  • Nova Scotia

A 28-year-old businessman. Working in the same office as Halifax (whom he is modelled on), he possesses a strong work ethic and never lets his concentration down by external distractions. Like his Canadian Boys doppelganger, he has won many ‘Employee of the Month’ awards for his good behaviour. He acts as a positive role model for his colleagues, just like Halifax.

  • Newfoundland & Labrador

A foul-mouthed, mildly surly fisherman who lives on a houseboat in the Canadian Harbour. Making a living by catching fresh fish out to sea daily, he does not like others invading his personal space and will harshly punish any intruders by whipping them with his fishing rod. He shares his manner of dressing and traits with various fishermen from Canadian Boys, especially Blacks Harbour and St. John’s.

  • Prince Edward Island

A staunch environmentalist who believes that this planet is our only liveable home and so people should care for it as much as we can. He pursues the vegan diet and lifestyle to avoid any animal products and grows his own produce in the back garden of the Province Boys’ House, saving on carbon emissions from transporting crops for long distances. He is modelled on each member of the ‘Princes’ family from Canadian Boys, sharing a mutual love of the environment and veganism.

  • Yukon

A young First Nations man who makes a living by hunting and excavating. He goes out daily with his brothers Northwest Territories and Nunavut to forage for food and pan for gold, and he carves soapstone sculptures to make additional money for survival. He is modelled on Whitehorse of Canadian Boys.

  • Northwest Territories

Yukon’s first brother. He digs for diamonds in the more remote parts of the city and sells them for a high price so he and his brothers can make an independent living. He is modelled on Yellowknife of Canadian Boys.

  • Nunavut

Yukon’s second brother. Of Inuit ethnicity, he makes insulating clothes out of seal, polar bear and muskox fur to survive below-freezing temperatures and catches moose and caribou to make into meat for warming soups. He is modelled on Iqaluit of Canadian Boys.

I’ve since become more engaged with these characters and drawn more updated artwork. I’ve even planned to give some of them new designs, as per what I’ve been doing with some Canadian Boys characters:

Valentine’s Day 2018 — Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018

Celebrating love, no matter what orientation, colour, shape, size or geography!

light pink heart bullet pink heart bullet red heart bullet orange heart bullet yellow heart bullet green heart bullet emerald-green heart bullet turquoise heart bullet mint heart bullet blue heart bullet dark blue heart bullet dark purple heart bullet purple heart bullet pink heart bullet salmon heart bullet


Countries of the World (2015) — Feb 7, 2018

Countries of the World (2015)

It can sometimes be fun to revisit old ideas and give them a new lease of life. One of those was the Flags series which I used to draw when I was younger. While they were great to draw, I did feel that they needed a little more humanity to them, and I had also made it a mission of mine to personify every country in the world…

So I did.

While they’re still not quite human – I only drew them as jelly babies coloured with their national flags – they do at least have a little more personality than just flags with added limbs. They’re also more complete compared to their spiritual predecessors, with all 200-plus countries catered for.

The World Boys Cast (Af-Bo)
  • Afghanistan Flag of Afghanistan
  • Albania Flag of Albania
  • Algeria Flag of Algeria
  • Andorra Flag of Andorra
  • Angola Flag of Angola
  • Antigua & Barbuda Flag of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina Flag of Argentina
  • Armenia Flag of Armenia
  • Aruba Flag of Aruba
  • Australia Flag of Australia
  • Austria Flag of Austria
  • Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan
  • (The) Bahamas Flag of Bahamas
  • Bahrain Flag of Bahrain
  • Bangladesh Flag of Bangladesh
  • Barbados Flag of Barbados
  • Belarus Flag of Belarus
  • Belgium Flag of Belgium
  • Belize Flag of Belize
  • Benin Flag of Benin
  • Bermuda Flag of Bermuda
  • Bhutan Flag of Bhutan
  • Bolivia Flag of Bolivia
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Botswana Flag of Botswana
The World Boys Cast (Br-Ec)
  • Brazil Flag of Brazil
  • Brunei Flag of Brunei
  • Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria
  • Burkina Faso Flag of Burkina Faso
  • Burma/Myanmar Flag of Myanmar
  • Burundi Flag of Burundi
  • Cape Verde Flag of Cape Verde
  • Cambodia Flag of Cambodia
  • Cameroon Flag of Cameroon
  • Canada Flag of Canada
  • Central African Republic Flag of Central African Republic
  • Chad Flag of Chad
  • Chile Flag of Chile
  • China Flag of China
  • Colombia Flag of Colombia
  • Comoros Flag of Comoros
  • (Democratic Republic of the) Congo Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • (Republic of the) Congo Flag of Republic of the Congo
  • Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica
  • Côte D’Ivoire Flag of Ivory Coast
  • Croatia Flag of Croatia
  • Cuba Flag of Cuba
  • Curaçao Flag of Netherlands Antilles
  • Cyprus Flag of Cyprus
  • Czech Republic Flag of Czech Republic
  • Denmark Flag of Denmark
  • Djibouti Flag of Djibouti
  • Dominica Flag of Dominica
  • Dominican Republic Flag of Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador Flag of Ecuador
The World Boys Cast (Eg-Ir)
  • Egypt Flag of Egypt
  • El Salvador Flag of El Salvador
  • Equatorial Guinea Flag of Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea Flag of Eritrea
  • Estonia Flag of Estonia
  • Ethiopia Flag of Ethiopia
  • Fiji Flag of Fiji
  • Finland Flag of Finland
  • France Flag of France
  • Gabon Flag of Gabon
  • (The) Gambia Flag of Gambia
  • Georgia Flag of Georgia
  • Germany Flag of Germany
  • Ghana Flag of Ghana
  • Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar
  • Greece Flag of Greece
  • Greenland Flag of Greenland
  • Grenada Flag of Grenada
  • Guatemala Flag of Guatemala
  • Guinea Flag of Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau Flag of Guinea-Bissau
  • Guyana Flag of Guyana
  • Haiti Flag of Haiti
  • Honduras Flag of Honduras
  • Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong
  • Hungary Flag of Hungary
  • Iceland Flag of Iceland
  • India Flag of India
  • Indonesia Flag of Indonesia
  • Iran Flag of Iran
The World Boys Cast (Ir-Mo)
  • Iraq Flag of Iraq
  • Ireland Flag of Ireland
  • Israel Flag of Israel
  • Italy Flag of Italy
  • Jamaica Flag of Jamaica
  • Japan Flag of Japan
  • Jordan Flag of Jordan
  • Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan
  • Kenya Flag of Kenya
  • Kiribati Flag of Kiribati
  • (North) Korea Flag of North Korea
  • (South) Korea Flag of South Korea
  • Kosovo Flag of Kosovo
  • Kuwait Flag of Kuwait
  • Kyrgyzstan Flag of Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos Flag of Laos
  • Latvia Flag of Latvia
  • Lebanon Flag of Lebanon
  • Lesotho Flag of Lesotho
  • Liberia Flag of Liberia
  • Libya Flag of Libya
  • Liechtenstein Flag of Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania Flag of Lithuania
  • Luxembourg Flag of Luxembourg
  • Macau Flag of Macau
  • Macedonia Flag of Macedonia
  • Madagascar Flag of Madagascar
  • Malawi Flag of Malawi
  • Malaysia Flag of Malaysia
  • Maldives Flag of Maldives
  • Mali Flag of Mali
  • Malta Flag of Malta
  • Mauritania Flag of Mauritania
  • Mauritius Flag of Mauritius
  • Mexico Flag of Mexico
  • Moldova Flag of Moldova
The World Boys Cast (Mo-Sa)
  • Monaco Flag of Monaco
  • Mongolia Flag of Mongolia
  • Montenegro Flag of Montenegro
  • Morocco Flag of Morocco
  • Mozambique Flag of Mozambique
  • Namibia Flag of Namibia
  • Nauru Flag of Nauru
  • Nepal Flag of Nepal
  • (The) Netherlands Flag of Netherlands
  • New Zealand Flag of New Zealand
  • Nicaragua Flag of Nicaragua
  • Niger Flag of Niger
  • Nigeria Flag of Nigeria
  • Norway Flag of Norway
  • Oman
  • Pakistan Flag of Pakistan
  • Palau Flag of Palau
  • Panama Flag of Panama
  • Papua New Guinea Flag of Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay Flag of Paraguay
  • Peru Flag of Peru
  • Philippines Flag of Philippines
  • Poland Flag of Poland
  • Portugal Flag of Portugal
  • Puerto Rico Flag of Puerto Rico
  • Qatar Flag of Qatar
  • Romania Flag of Romania
  • Russia Flag of Russia
  • Rwanda Flag of Rwanda
  • St. Kitts & Nevis Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis
The World Boys Cast (Sa-To)
  • St. Lucia Flag of Saint Lucia
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Samoa Flag of Samoa
  • San Marino Flag of San Marino
  • São Tome & Principe Flag of Sao Tome and Principe
  • Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal Flag of Senegal
  • Serbia Flag of Serbia
  • Seychelles Flag of Seychelles
  • Sierra Leone Flag of Sierra Leone
  • Singapore Flag of Singapore
  • Slovakia Flag of Slovakia
  • Slovenia Flag of Slovenia
  • Somalia Flag of Somalia
  • South Africa Flag of South Africa
  • South Sudan Flag of Sudan
  • Spain Flag of Spain
  • Sri Lanka Flag of Sri Lanka
  • Sudan Flag of Sudan
  • Suriname Flag of Suriname
  • Swaziland Flag of Swaziland
  • Sweden Flag of Sweden
  • Syria Flag of Syria
  • Taiwan Flag of Taiwan
  • Tajikistan Flag of Tajikistan
  • Tanzania Flag of Tanzania
  • Thailand Flag of Thailand
  • Timor-Leste Flag of Timor-Leste
  • Togo Flag of Togo
The World Boys Cast (To-Zi)
  • Tonga Flag of Tonga
  • Trinidad & Tobago Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tunisia Flag of Tunisia
  • Turkey Flag of Turkey
  • Turkmenistan Flag of Turkmenistan
  • Uganda Flag of Uganda
  • Ukraine Flag of Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates Flag of United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom Flag of United Kingdom
  • United States (of America) Flag of United States
  • Uruguay Flag of Uruguay
  • Uzbekistan Flag of Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela Flag of Venezuela
  • Vietnam Flag of Vietnam
  • Yemen Flag of Yemen
  • Zambia Flag of Zambia
  • Zimbabwe Flag of Zimbabwe
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