Hal MacIntosh

Three years may sound like an eternity, but it really wasn’t all that long ago. It was at the end of that year when I wrote up the pitch for The Hal MacIntosh Show, and I posted all the character sketches and profiles on this same blog.

As that time has now passed, it may have lain forgotten, so I’m re-exhibiting the first sketch I did for the series here. The titular character, Hal MacIntosh, was originally drawn with short sleeves as seen above – which he wasn’t supposed to have. He’s sort of a cross of one of my own Nova Scotia characters, who is named Hal MacKinnon, and Nova Scotia from Project Canada, which explains his red cap, provincial flag shirt and navy blue kilt. However, he’s much more of a slob than the other two, and a lot cruder too.

Hal has a young adult son named Syd, and a former wife named Peggy (you can probably guess why). Hal and Peggy divorced when Syd was in his mid-teens due to Hal’s dishevelled demeanour, which caused some considerable distress to the then 15-year-old Syd. Hal didn’t show much sympathy, but he still secretly misses Peggy, and wants them to be a family again.

In the gallery below, I later drew Hal with long sleeves, as he was supposed to have from the beginning. He’s also shown with his family; their character profiles have been posted on this blog before: