Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau

Basic Facts

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Full Name: Montreal Camillien Pierre-Elliott Trudeau
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Date of Birth: May 9, 1997
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Gender: Male
Red Bullet Ethnicity: White French Canadian
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Parents: Lorraine (mother), Charlemagne (father)
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Occupation(s): Student

Early Childhood

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Born on May 9, 1997 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Flag of Canada
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Parents – Lorraine (mother) and Charlemagne (father)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Older brother – Quebec (born August 12, 1994)
Red Bullet Runs into Laval during recess at school
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Laval sees him as much more than merely a playmate, however…
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! He looks up to Quebec for wisdom and comfort
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Speaks more French than English despite being bilingual
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Only knows basic French

Late Childhood

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Develops his ‘angry’ look
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Knows more advanced French
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Starts to speak English more
Red Bullet Laval has started to become besotted with him, much to his chagrin
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Starts getting ‘stalked’ by Laval regularly

Present Day

Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! He now speaks English much more often
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Still speaks French around Quebec and other Francophones
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Still looks up to his bigger brother
Red Bullet Laval now seriously wants him as her boyfriend, but he strongly refutes it
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Is regularly chased by Laval in her never-ending quest for ‘true love’