Marie McCain

With spring just arrived, warmer temperatures are on the way… after the rain showers, of course. Many people long to say goodbye to their winter wares for another few months and show off their skin to get its annual dose of Vitamin D.

Inspired by the warmer climes, I drew New Brunswick from Project Canada in a more beach-like outfit. While her usual wear is sunny in itself, no-one exactly walks on soft sand in high heels, since they would keep getting stuck.

Marie McCain

New Brunswick’s summer outfit mostly remains the same as her usual one, but with a few additions. Her pearl necklace, as I drew her with then, becomes a ship’s-helm necklace (which she often wears), she wears an Alice-blue bow on her head, light azure leggings under her shorts, and her red high heels become more suitable open-toed sandals. Her anchor tattoo remains.

In this form, New Brunswick’s appearance was mostly inspired by May from Pokémon; specifically, her design in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. I would later draw May in her different forms she’s appeared in so far:

Pokémon: May’s Outfits