Alphablocks P Marker Sketch

In 2017, I made a dramatic change to my art style that I hadn’t made for the good part of a decade and a half: I switched my colouring tools from coloured pencils to markers. I had been attempting to make my art look more realistic with shading, but I decided to go back to a more ‘cartoony’ look and use brighter colours that stand out amongst black ink outlines. I’ve now started a serious collection of markers from both the Winsor & Newton and Copic brands.

To celebrate, I tried out some of the markers in a few drawings. As my collection wasn’t very big at the time, I used the art store as a kind of library where I could ‘borrow’ the colours I needed for a specific drawing, then simply return them once I’d finished.

As it’s been some time since I last posted anything about them, I’ve started with an Alphablocks artwork, or more specifically P/Petunia. Her design made it perfect for trying out blending colours into a gradient, for which I used several shades of green, blue and purple. (I didn’t know about the metallic markers at this time, so the stars all over her are coloured in a very pale grey to look silvery.)

As I kept trying out the markers, I grew my collection to fit my needs and cover the whole spectrum. As there are several hundred colours in each range, it might take quite a long time – and a lot of money and searching – before I can call them complete: