Westville Cowan

Given recent weather conditions, I had to draw a rain-themed artwork sooner rather than later. But rather than just grey skies, I decided to add a bit of colour with a character who I’ve drawn in many of these conditions before – Westville from A Nova Scotian Way of Life.

Westville dances in a field of lush green grass, helped by the rain, while carrying an umbrella in all seven hues of the rainbow. There’s more than just rain falling here, however – small flowers of cherry blossom add a touch of spring hope for warmer, sunnier climes.

To make the raindrops stand out against the bluish-grey sky, I drew each one in using a blue glitter pen. I used a gold glitter pen to colour in Westville’s belt buckle, and a silver glitter pen to colour in the top of his umbrella. The cherry blossoms at the very top of the drawing were coloured in with a Copic Ciao marker in Pinkish White (colour code R00), which closely resembles the colour of real-life cherry blossoms (or ‘sakura’ in Japan).



In a rather ironic twist, I drew this artwork on a relatively sunny day. Isn’t weather unpredictable? 😆