Part 2 of a dual exhibition on the cartoon Steven Universe. Part 1 here.

As before, this may contain spoilers, so proceed with caution if you haven’t seen the show.

Steven Universe fever hasn’t died down, as proved by these three new doodles. Continuing with the fusions (fusion is explained in Part 1), these have become practice for drawing characters with more unusual hairstyles, colours and bodies.

As the series has gone on, new fusions have been created. Some have become establishing characters, while some have only appeared once or twice so far, usually as ‘experiments’ carried out by the Gems themselves.

Rainbow Quartz’s Fusion

In the episode “We Need to Talk”, Steven’s father Greg is trying to make a music video for his newest song. Pearl and Rose Quartz, Steven’s ‘mother’, just so happen to be nearby, and they give Greg’s video an extra-special touch by fusing. This results in the beautifully-named Rainbow Quartz, whose outfit and appearance give off a strong 1980s/1990s gym workout vibe. Rainbow has only appeared in that episode thus far, and with recent revelations that Rose Quartz isn’t actually Steven mother, she may remain a one-shot.

Smoky Quartz’s Fusion

In addition to fusing with other humans (as demonstrated with Stevonnie), Steven can also fuse with Gems. This revelation comes about when he fuses with Amethyst, creating Smoky Quartz. Like Stevonnie, Smoky does not call themselves male or female. They take half of their appearance from Steven and the other half from Amethyst, especially in their dishevelled looks. Smoky’s weapon, a giant yo-yo, is a cross of Amethyst’s whip and Steven’s shield.

Malachite’s Fusion

A little bit of backstory: the Gems originally came from the Homeworld, a planet out in space ruled by the Diamonds. Some of the Gems came to Earth from Homeworld, including the three main Crystal Gems, as well as others who remain loyal to their home planet. Jasper (in the orange) and Lapis Lazuli (in the blue) are two of the Homeworld Gems who keep this allegiance, although Lapis thinks less of it.

Jasper and Lapis have a very volatile relationship, but sometimes when Jasper wants it the most, they fuse into Malachite (in the teal). Unlike Garnet, who is made of love, Malachite is made of the total opposite – out of hate. Malachite keeps the diamond from Jasper’s outfit, suggesting her Homeworld origins. After terrorizing Steven and the Crystal Gems for several episodes, she is finally ‘defeated’ when the CGs channel their powers into one. This caused Jasper to have a breakdown and become ‘corrupted’; Lapis remained with Steven for much of the series before leaving Earth. She now remains in outer space, possibly thinking about her time with Steven and the Crystal Gems.