June is Pride Month, a celebration of LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer+) people and love everywhere. Even in our supposedly more ‘enlightened’ era, there are still some countries out there which frown upon or even totally criminalize same-gender love and marriage, and of course homophobia – as with any other form of discrimination – is still rampant in society.

But we mustn’t let negativity and bullying get to us – whether we are LGBTQ+ ourselves, or an ally. Pride is all about celebrating love in all its colours, and reminding the rest of the world that hate will never win.

I’ve joined in with the celebrations with two special artworks, both starring prominent LGBTQ+ couples of my own creations:

Truro Deuville & Yarmouth Clements

Truro and Yarmouth of A Nova Scotian Way of Life have been inseparable since their kindergarten days, but in more recent years they’ve become increasingly attracted to each other. Marriage is even a possibility given the recent wedding of a certain royal couple, so watch closely for any news about these two!

Amherst Croft & Springhill Horton

Amherst and Spinghill of Canadian Boys have been together for a much shorter time than Truro and Yarmouth, but they’ve already forged a bond for life. They were married not long ago, as you can probably tell by Springhill’s emerald ring. They’re just like any other married couple, with both looking out for each other and putting on regular displays of affection. I’m hoping for this to pave the way for even more same-gender couples to come about in my stories and art.

Love is love.