The Great Nova Scotia Parade

After taking a good break, I’m back with my usual schedule of programming! 😁

I’ve made several achievements this year in terms of my art, like diversifying skintones and mixing up coloured pencils and markers to create a comic book-like look. I’ve also tried out drawing on a range of paper sizes and colours.

With that said, this may possibly be the biggest thing I’ve ever drawn traditionally. Like this large banner, it also stars the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life, hosting a patriotic parade of Nova Scotian pride. Partially inspired by flag parades seen at the likes of the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, the large area of the A2 paper gave me an opportunity to draw a myriad of characters across a wide space, adding more colour and helping more people to recognize them on sight.

There’s a bit of a funny story with this drawing; due to its huge size, I had some difficulty finding a scanner which was big enough to scan the whole thing without having to scan each half separately and stitching them together in Photoshop. Many scanners – including my own – only go up to A3, which is a commoner size than A2. After much trawling about carrying the poster everywhere, I eventually found an A2 scanner at a stationery store in the centre of the city. Costing me £12, the poster was so big – both in physical size and file size (14 megabytes!) – that I had to reduce its size down to about A4. This brings it down to a more store-able one megabyte, while losing none of its high quality or vibrant colours. I also bought an A2 project folder to shield it from dust, water and other dirty things which can splash against it.

This has taught me an important lesson, however; next time I want to draw something big, I’ll be sticking with A3. 😆