The Great Nova Scotian Barbecue

With summer beginning to fade away into the earthy tones and scents of autumn, there’s no better way to send it off than a big family barbecue party. No-one does family gatherings better than the inhabitants of Nova Scotia.

As well as the usual burgers, hotdogs and steaks, there’s a Maritime twist – barbecued lobsters with a butter baste are the order of the day. Even the tablecloth has a Nova Scotian tartan pattern, adding to the patriotism.

I used a silver glitter pen to create the plumes of whitish-grey smoke billowing from the barbecue as it sizzles and crackles away with glowing coals and embers, represented with orange and yellow glitter pens.

There’s also some fun and relaxation to be had – Truro shows off his shooting skills with some basketball in the courtyard to a cheering crowd, while Amherst, Springhill and Lunenburg sleep off all the calories with a good afternoon nap. One of my favourite plants is the lilac and lavender wisteria vine, which I added twining itself around the canopy of the swinging bench where Amherst and Springhill are snoozing. It’s a common vine of the suburbs, where large fenced back gardens are the norm, though not usually on the beachfront like here.


Enjoy the final days of summer while it lasts – soon you’ll be in for six months of winter. 😉