New A Mare Usqua Mare

It’s been a long time since I last drew my Hetalia Canadian province and territory fan characters, but I’ve always felt that they could do with a few redesigning and renaming jobs. They were created as a result of all the influence that Hetalia and Project Canada has had on creating personifications of places, but I never really gave much thought to their looks or personalities beyond that of their homelands; I merely created them to make fun of the stereotypes associated with each one.

So I’ve finally gotten around to redrawing them in my updated style, adding some more traits and changing some of their ‘real’ names to something better – the others remain the same. Their detailed character profiles are a work in progress, and will be posted onto this blog when they’re completed.

  • British Columbia (Victor Chan) – Wears badges depicting a marijuana leaf and a rainbow peace symbol. Has burns on his lower back to represent the wildfires tearing up the forests.


  • Alberta (Edmund Ivanokov) – Now has burns on his back and shoulders to represent the devastating 2016 Fort McMurray fire. Still remains irreparably afraid of fire.


  • Saskatchewan (Reginald Dordrecht) – Has a suntan, representing the province with the most hours of sunshine in Canada. Has a scar going up to just under his neck from his stomach due to having an accident with his scythe.


  • Manitoba (Winston Polanski) – I changed his first name from Winifred to Winston after realizing the former was a girl’s name, and to avoid anyone mocking him for having that name.


  • Ontario (Torrey Pearson) – Now has burns on his upper back, also due to wildfires.


  • Quebec (Beckett Desrosiers) – Has burns representing the Lac-Megantic rail disaster which almost obliterated the entire town.


  • New Brunswick (Frederick ‘Fred’ Maillet) – Frederick is his full first name, with Fred being a shortening. He now has a burn scar on his upper chest to represent the Great Miramichi Fire in 1825.


  • Nova Scotia (Harold ‘Hal’ MacKinnon) – I’ve decided his full first name to be Harold, with Hal being the shortening.


  • Newfoundland (Johnny O’Doherty) – Newfoundland and Labrador is a bit of a mouthful and a type-ful, so I shortened it to Newfoundland.


  • Prince Edward Island (Charles ‘Charlie’ Smith) – Charles is his full first name, with Charlie being a shortening. I also changed his last name from Smitheram to simply Smith.


  • Yukon (Whitney Keno) – Yukon Territory is also rather long to say and type, so I changed it to just Yukon.


  • Northwest Territories (Yelena Gahcho-Kue) – Stays mostly the same.


  • Nunavut (Ikiaq Nanisivik) – After getting a complaint that my Nunavut was too dark-skinned to be Inuit, I lightened the shade of brown I use for her skin to more accurately fit her ethnicity.