Nova Scotian Trick-or-Treaters
Nova Scotian Trick-or-Treaters

It’s time to be spooky! Continuing from the last exhibition, it’s time to see the Nova Scotians in their Halloween costumes out in action!

To keep things a little simpler, I didn’t include all the costumes from the previous artwork, but a select few which I thought were the scariest or the most Halloween-ish. The kids all carry pumpkin pots, ready to collect any treats which they hope to collect from willing neighbours, while the adults join in the fun with costumes of their own. Night scenes are somewhat difficult because everything is darker, especially when drawing traditionally, but on top of my Bonfire Night artwork from last year, it’s good practice.

In case you’ve forgotten who’s who, here’s a small-ish rundown, going from left to right on each row:

  • Halifax – Old Clock Tower
  • Westville – Georgie from It
  • Dartmouth – zombie teacher
  • Jollimore – Hawaiian vacationer (his legs must be cold with just those shorts on!)
  • Tatamagouche – cow
  • Parrsboro – dinosaur
  • Joggins – archaeologist
  • Pictou – Highlander
  • Port Hawkesbury – witch
  • StellartonStellarton Starman
  • Wolfville – grapevine
  • Oxford – blueberry
  • Berwick – apple
  • Kentville – pumpkin
  • Mahone Bay – scarecrow
  • LunenburgBluenose II
  • Riverport – sea captain
  • Liverpool – witch
  • Cole Harbour – hockey player (modelled on Syd Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

Before I leave you to enjoy your stash of candy you’ve probably been going trick-or-treating for, a little history lesson:

Halloween has its roots in a Celtic festival called Samhain – pronounced So-when – which is when the spirits of the departed were said to come out and roam the world of the living. Halloween itself is a shortening of All Hallows’ Eve, the day before All Saints’ Day (first day of November), which traditonally marked the beginning of winter. The celebration of the dead is why Halloween is associated with spooky stuff.

With that all said, have a very Happy Halloween – and don’t overdo the candy!