Ice is Nice When You're Skating On It
Ice is Nice When You’re Skating On It

Having finally recovered from my post-holiday blues and getting back into my normal routine, I’m back to running this blog!

With winter in full blow, it’s never been a more perfect time to try out ice skating. That’s exactly what the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life have taken up, but instead of hitting the ice at a skating rink, in true Canadian style, they’ve decided to do it au naturel – on a frozen-over lake. Luckily, the ice is solidified enough so if someone falls over, they won’t take a plunge into the freezing water beneath and emerge encased in an ice cube!

The snowflakes and snow on top of the pine trees were created with silver glitter pens and a silver metallic marker, adding a magical touch of winter wonderland. The shimmers on the ice were drawn calligraphy-style with a Copic brush marker a slightly brighter shade of pale blue to the ice itself (more specifically, Frost Blue against Pale Blue Grey, the colour I used for the ice).

Although this technically isn’t my first artwork of 2019 as I’d drawn a few artworks before this one at the new year, it is my first traditional artwork of 2019, as I was obviously not able to take my whole collection of markers with me on the plane to Colombia. Instead, I sketched and doodled with pencils everywhere I went, with an easier-to-carry sketchbook. My marker collection is so huge that they need an entire Ikea storage box all to themselves (plus a marker carrying case), and those would be a huge pain to drag around – let alone a burden on the weight limit!