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MerMay Summary of Art 2019 — May 31, 2019

MerMay Summary of Art 2019

With MerMay 2019 swimming off into the sunset, now’s a great time to look back at all the fun under the sea we’ve had over the last 31 days. There’ll be more at the same time next year! 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♂

MerMay 2019 Extravaganza! — May 21, 2019

MerMay 2019 Extravaganza!

The mermaid mania continues! This time, it’s a double feature under and above the sea.🧜

Under the Sea
Nova Scotian Merfolk Undersea Scene

It’s better down where it’s wetter, so sings Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, so that’s why I’m starting off under the sea. This was actually based on a sketch I did in my sketchbook during my latest travels in Colombia last Christmas, but obviously with some mermaids and mermen thrown in to connect it with MerMay. As expected, there’s also a great array of marine life, with fish, dolphins, starfish and even sharks (!) swimming happily alongside the mer-people. Resident pirate Oak Island even seems to have hit upon some treasure, his ultimate dream – though he may want to keep it a secret, as it may be cursed…

Nova Scotian Merfolk on the Beach
Nova Scotian Merfolk on the Beach

Even mermaids and mermen need to come up to land every now and then for some rest and relaxation. As underwater, some seaside friends have joined the mer-people above the waves, including dolphins and whales, and even a flying fish. I even cleverly threw in a Little Mermaid reference with Jollimore’s pose on the rock and the waves crashing behind him, as if he wants to be where the (ordinary) people are. Dartmouth doesn’t feel the same, however…

I now have an idea for another MerMay artwork – a parody of the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel famously climbs onto a rock with the ocean waves splashing behind, saying “I want to be where the people are”… but Dartmouth, being a teacher in the land world, instead says “I wanna be where those stupid kids aren’t.”

Jollimore’s reply? “Under the sea!” 🌊

MerMay 2019: Nova Scotia Merfolk — May 1, 2019

MerMay 2019: Nova Scotia Merfolk

Nova Scotian Merfolk
Nova Scotian Merfolk

What is MerMay? It’s a month-long celebration throughout May of mermaids – and mermen! 🧜🧜‍♂️

Joining in the maritime festivities are the entire cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life (ANSWOL), who – as if by magic – have all been transformed into mer-people. Their outfits and tails each take their colour from the outfits they usuallty wear on land, though a bit more fishy and scaly.

You may have noticed that some of the Nova Scotian mer-people look a bit different from others, be it their tails or outfits. Some have tails in several colours, while others wear what look like fisherman’s nets around them. The nets mean they’re a fisher-person, although not all fisher-people here wear nets (see: Mahone Bay and Lockeport). Truro has a red and blue tail to represent his overshorts and leggings on land, while Westville has a shining rainbow tail representing the colourful umbrella he’s often seen jumping in puddles with. Stellarton has a star on his tail (possibly a starfish) to represent the star he has on his shirt in the ‘real’ (land) world, and Riverport has an anchor chained to him to represent his former duties as a sea captain. And of course, Jollimore has his rainbow lei, made famous by my story, Life is a Beach.

My personal favourites:

  • Jollimore
  • Oak Island (pirate merman!)
  • Riverport
  • Wolfville
  • Truro
  • Amherst and Springhill
  • Joggins and Parrsboro
  • Pictou
  • Stellarton
  • Westville
  • The Cape Breton fiddling trio (Judique, Campbell and Lime Hill)
  • Mabou
🎶 Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea! 🎶
– Sebastian, The Little Mermaid, 1989
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