In celebration of the release of Steven Universe: The Movie, I’m showing off all the fan art I’ve made for this amazing series! I actually drew these two last year, but the hype surrounding the movie means it’s a perfect time to revisit them.

Sugilite's Fusion
Sugilite’s Fusion

Garnet is already a fusion herself (being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire), but she can also fuse with other gems. When she fuses with Amethyst, they make Sugilite – voiced by Nicki Minaj in the TV show. Sugilite has four big arms with fingerless gloves and five eyes, with four of them hidden by her visor (which she takes from Garnet). Like Amethyst, she also wears leggings that have star-shaped tears in them, but they are even more ripped than Amethyst’s. She is rather brash and loud, even more so than Amethyst, in total contrast to the serious and cool-headed Garnet. She is the only fusion of two (or four?) Crystal Gems who acts in a villainous manner towards Steven, taunting him by calling him a “little man” (being a lot taller than Steven, who is just a mere human-gem hybrid). Her weapon is a flail, which is sort of like a whip with spikes and a hammer.

Alexandrite's Fusion
Alexandrite’s Fusion

What happens when not two, not even three, but FOUR gems fuse together all at once? You get Alexandrite! The biggest fusion to date (at least until the events of the season five finale, but I’ll get into that in another post), Alexandrite has six arms and a second mouth, usually hidden below her ‘real’ one. In battling the malicious Malachite, the Crystal Gems took on this form, which normally takes up a lot of their energy. This is why they don’t perform this fusion that often, as well as their conflicting personalities and battle styles. Not to worry, however – Alexandrite is slated for a return in the movie, possibly in a battle against the villain.

Steven Universe: The Movie is released on September 2nd.