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Purple vs. Violet — Nov 27, 2019

Purple vs. Violet


Purple and violet are not the same thing. The colour popularly called “purple” in everyday parlance is often actually not purple at all, at least not according to the artistic definition of it.


While purple and violet are both made by mixing red and blue, purple tends to lean more towards red, while violet has a little more blue. So if you’re wearing a dress or shirt that looks like the one below, it would be more accurate to call it “violet” rather than “purple”, as per the diagram above. This may also be why the seventh colour of the rainbow is called the former rather than the latter, as it typically appears bright with the sun shining through the rain.


Now you know the difference!


(More at this Curiosity article)

Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019): A Pre-Review — Nov 19, 2019

Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019): A Pre-Review

(SPOILERS AHEAD! I’m doing this as a pre-review because I don’t yet have a Nintendo Switch, but if I do get one, it’ll become a proper review.)

A new generation of Pokémon has arrived yet again – and this time, it’s a little closer to home…

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Nova Scotians on Bonfire Night (2019) — Nov 5, 2019

Nova Scotians on Bonfire Night (2019)

Nova Scotian Bonfire Night
Nova Scotian Bonfire Night

Bring out the fireworks and sparklers – it’s Bonfire Night again! 🎆🎇

In case you didn’t know, Bonfire Night – AKA Guy Fawkes Night – is an annual celebration held every 5th of November in the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth territories. It commemorates the day Guy Fawkes and his gang of conspirators failed to bomb the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605, in an attempt to assassinate King James I of England. (I go into more detail on the origins of Bonfire Night in this post.)

With Canada being part of the Commonwealth, a leftover from the days of the British Empire, I was surprised to see that – with the exception of Newfoundland – Bonfire Night is almost relatively unknown across the Atlantic. While it’s not really about them or their parliament, I had wrongly assumed that it was a shared celebration across the Commonwealth, as they are all tied to Britain.

But geography doesn’t really matter, as some of the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life (ANSWOL) have come together for a fireworks show of their own. The fireworks were drawn with glitter pens, giving the impression that they’re “popping” out of the night sky. Westville and Parrsboro even have sparklers sizzling away while the bonfire burns bright. This is also Truro and Yarmouth’s first Bonfire Night as a married couple (it feels like it was their wedding just yesterday!)

If you’re having a bonfire or a fireworks display of your own, or are going to a public one, safety is always important. Why not see these safety tips?

Remember, remember the 5th of November – and to protect and enjoy yourself!



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