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How to Revive a Dead Marker — Apr 28, 2020

How to Revive a Dead Marker

Winsor and Newton ProMarkers Copic Sketch Markers

I’m a huge marker fan; in fact, I have a vast collection of both Letraset (now Winsor & Newton) and Copic markers, as you probably already know by now. With so many markers, it’s inevitable that a few of them will run out of ink. But you don’t have to throw a marker in the bin and buy a new one every time it runs out; in fact, with a few bits and bobs from around the house, you can bring a dead marker back to life. It’ll save you time and money – and a marker from the trash!

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The Great Nova Scotian Easter Egg Hunt (2020) — Apr 12, 2020

The Great Nova Scotian Easter Egg Hunt (2020)

The Great Nova Scotian Easter Egg Hunt

Spring is here, it’s time for the Great Nova Scotian Easter Egg Hunt! πŸ₯šπŸ§Ί

If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of years, you may recognize the setting of the egg hunt; it’s the exact same place where Truro and Yarmouth had their wedding party last summer; the same bandstand, the fence, and the hydrangea bushes. Even the entrance arch still has wisteria growing on it, which was planted as part of Truro and Yarmouth’s wedding arch, but of course the buffet table and audio equipment are no longer there. There are, however, eggs of all different colours scattered around the garden, wild daisies popping up, and even a bunny as part of the Easter theme.

Truro & Yarmouth's Wedding Party
Truro & Yarmouth’s Wedding Party

Due to current events surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), epidemic, why not have an Easter egg hunt at home? Simply hide some chocolate eggs in random places around the house (or even around the garden, if you have one), then send your family off on a fun hunt around the home. The results will be just as tasty!

Have a very Happy Easter, and don’t overdo the chocolate! 🀣


My Copic Collection — Apr 3, 2020

My Copic Collection

Since I have so many Copic markers in my collection that it’s almost an obsession, it can become somewhat confusing when selecting colours that look similar to each other, or a colour may not look the same on paper as it does on the marker. In light of that, I’ve now catalogued all my Copic colours into a handy chart!

My Copic Collection - Part 1

My Copic Collection - Part 2

My Copic Collection - Part 3

You can also download all these swatches as a PDF I compiled together.

Of course, these are just the Copic colours I own, and not all 350+ colours in the range (see the Ultimate Copic Colour List for that). Of course, my collection is always growing as I add more colours, so this will be updated regularly in the future.

Speedpaint: Mega Pearl’s Fusion — Apr 1, 2020
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