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Mermay Summary of Art 2020 — May 31, 2020

Mermay Summary of Art 2020

Mermay is swimming away, but before it disappears into the oceanic depths, there’s just enough time to revisit my mer-mazing art from this year. While I haven’t really drawn much compared to last year (given the current circumstances), I can guarantee you that Mermay 2021 will make a bigger splash!


Using Copic Ink Refills — May 10, 2020

Using Copic Ink Refills

In a previous post on how to bring “dead” markers back to life, I briefly mentioned Copic ink refills. These are little bottles filled with ink that come in all 358 colours of the Copic rainbow, which means there’s a refill for every marker. They can be used with any size of Copic – Classic, Sketch and Ciao.

Copic Ink Refill

On average, one bottle can refill a Classic marker ten times, a Sketch marker 13 times, and a Ciao 17 times. Not only does it save you precious money by not having to buy a new marker every time one runs out, but it’s also easy and time-saving.

There are a couple of methods of refilling a marker, the ‘drop’ method and the ‘injection’ method. The ‘drop’ method is recommended by Copic themselves as the easiest one, though some people prefer to drop the ink directly into the marker’s reservoir (having removed the tips beforehand).

Drop Method

  1. Once you have the required refill colour, remove the lid from the bottle. If you don’t want to get ink stains all over your desk or other workspace, place some scrap paper over it.
  2. Holding the marker at a 45-degree angle, drop a few drops of ink (about 20 should refill an average marker) onto the chisel tip. That’s it!

Injection Method

  1. Using a pair of tweezers, remove the chisel tip of the marker. This is recommended because trying to remove the brush tip can cause it to tear, as it is made out of two pieces of felt.
  2. Remove the lid of the refill bottle, and insert the tip into the barrel.
  3. Gently squeeze the bottle to ‘inject’ the ink into the reservoir. About 20 drops should be enough to refill a marker.
  4. Remember to replace the nib and cap when you’re done, so your marker won’t dry out.

The picture above is of an “old style” refill bottle. Copic have recently announced a new refill design, which is slimmer and transparent, so you can now see how much ink is left. They think of everything!

Copic Sketch Refill (New Style)

Courtesy of

Speedpaint: The Cape Breton Fiddling Mer-Trio — May 1, 2020

Speedpaint: The Cape Breton Fiddling Mer-Trio

I’m kicking off MerMay with the Cape Breton fiddling trio – Judique, Campbell and Lime Hill – as mermen! MerMay is a month-long celebration every May of all things mermaids, mermen and merfolk. πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ§œπŸ»πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This is a kind of follow-up to last year’s big artwork of all the Nova Scotians as merfolk, but I’ll now be drawing some of the characters individually. As I’ve changed Judique’s design since then (he now wears a yellow jacket in his normal form), he also has had a small change made to his merman form – he wears a yellow vest over his shirt, bringing his appearance more in line with the other two members of the gang.

Now they’re all ready to reel off some tunes under the sea! 🎻🌊

The Cape Breton Fiddling Mer-Trio
The Cape Breton Fiddling Mer-Trio
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