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Independence Day 2019 — Jul 4, 2019

Independence Day 2019

Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers and followers! I just hope your country can get out of its nightmare soon enough and once again become a good dream. 🇺🇸

American flag blowing from pole against a blue sky


Canada Day 2019 — Jul 1, 2019

Canada Day 2019

Today marks 152 years since Canada was born – on July 1, 1867. Originally called Dominion Day, Canada’s birthday was renamed Canada Day in 1982, after the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Constitution) was ratified, essentially granting Canada independence from Britain. (They are of course still part of the Commonwealth, a leftover from the days of the Empire, which means they have the Queen of England as their monarch – you can see her head on the back of Canadian coins. 💷)

Happy Canada Day to all of you, be you Canadian or even wishing to be Canadian!

(I know I am!)


Canada Day 2019
Canada Day 2019
Truro and Yarmouth’s Wedding (2019) — Jun 25, 2019

Truro and Yarmouth’s Wedding (2019)

Truro and Yarmouth's Wedding
The Wedding of Truro & Yarmouth

It’s finally arrived… the day Truro and Yarmouth are officially declared husband and husband! 👨‍❤️‍👨

Just as planned, the wedding takes place on the beach, just like that one episode of Steven Universe. The red carpet has been rolled out along the shore to make the happy couple feel like celebrities. The wedding arch is decorated in rainbow-hued flowers for Pride, as well as the Nova Scotia provincial and gay pride flags, and lilac fronds of wisteria, looking like a purple waterfall.

This takes place immediately after the actual ceremony; the rings have been put on, the vows been said, and the marriage made official. Wolfville (in the lavender suit) acted as the priest for the ceremony, reading out the newlyweds’ vows and even doing the momentous deed of pronouncing them both husbands. (Despite not really being part of the clergy himself.)

A huge crowd gathers to receive the newlyweds on their special day, all dressed in their Sunday best. While many are rightfully elated at Truro and Yarmouth finally tying the knot, a very tiny minority aren’t. New Glasgow is especially jealous, as he always seems to fall in and out of love but has never got this far enough. Antigonish and Arisaig are also in their usual grump mode, with nothing ever seeming to make them happy. But you just can’t please some people. One of the onlookers – Kemptville, the father of Kentville – even appears to be crying, but those are tears of joy, not of sadness. Nevertheless, his son still comforts him. For everybody, not just the happy couple themselves, this is a day to remember for years to come.

Congratulations Truro and Yarmouth on your wedding, and may the rest of your lives be spent in wedded bliss!


Father’s Day 2019 — Jun 16, 2019

Father’s Day 2019

Father’s Day Card 2019
Father’s Day Card 2019

In celebration of fathers and father figures everywhere, I’ve made this special card starring some of my favourite fatherly characters. Fathers are often absent in popular media, but I’m working to reverse that trend.

The first father-and-son are Stellarton and Pictou, giving each other a good hug. I previously made another card starring these two for last Father’s Day. Stellarton is probably the most eminent father figure in all my works, being with Pictou since his birth and even his conception (as seen in my novel Once Upon a Time in Canada).

Second are Harold ‘Hal’ MacKinnon and his son Sydney ‘Syd’, my personifications of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. The reason I made Cape Breton the son of Nova Scotia is because, though it may be connected to the mainland by a bridge, Cape Breton has developed its own unique culture from its strong Celtic roots. I like to think of it as a province within a province. Syd also has red hair just like his father and his grandfather Scotland, but he doesn’t have the bushy ginger beard and sideburns like his dad.

The last father-and-son of the day are Kemptville and his son Kentville. They both have extremely similar-sounding names, which can cause confusion and even embarrassment for Kentville, who always has to rush to correct the mistake. Unlike the other fathers and sons here, Kentville is more of the caretaker, as Kemptville is rather weak physically and emotionally due to his old age. He always has to learn to be around his father when he has his breakdowns, but Kemptville also acts as a dispenser of elder’s wisdom for his son, like all good fathers are.

For dads everywhere, Happy Father’s Day!


World Autism Acceptance Day 2019 — Apr 2, 2019

World Autism Acceptance Day 2019

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. But I also want it to be World Autism Acceptance Day. Why?

Because awareness is just that – merely being aware of the existence of something, or someone. In this case, it’s just knowing that autism is a thing, and because most people’s “awareness” of autism most likely came from Rain Man, it can be peppered with demeaning and even damaging stereotypes, such as thinking those with autism are antisocial and are only interested in themselves and one thing. The very reason it’s often called “autism spectrum disorder” is that it’s a spectrum, no two people can have the same form of autism.

So I’m calling for World Autism Awareness Day to be renamed World Autism Acceptance Day. People need to stop seeing autism as a nasty ‘disease’ or ‘epidemic’ that is taking their children and grandchildren away from them and as a ‘burden’ on society. In fact, many on the spectrum are positively contributing to society, including myself, and it’s been proved in many studies that if a business has autistic employees, they create a much more inclusive and diverse work environment.

It’s time to start accepting autism as one of the many wonderful things that add colour and variety to the otherwise grey world of ‘normality’. That’s why it’s called a spectrum! 🌈


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