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Celebrating Canada’s 151st — July 1, 2018

Celebrating Canada’s 151st

Vancouver Burnaby, Victoria Johnson, Ottawa Carleton, Toronto Lester & Regina Bethune

Last year was Canada’s 150th year of independence, a huge milestone in its life. While this year is a little more muted, there will nevertheless be a patriotic, shining sea of red and white washing across the country as it celebrates its 151st birthday.

Following a similar theme to last year, I again used some of the main characters of Canadian Boys in this proud display of Canadianness. To be more precise – from left to right – Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Toronto and Regina.

Everyone is attached to the Canadian flag in some way or another – most are carrying the flag, but Regina is wearing something slightly different from her usual garb. She’s dressed out in the colours of the flag, complete with white maple leaves (since if they were red, they would blend in and not be easily noticeable). Since Toronto is a singer, I made it appear as if he is singing the national anthem, with his hand – and flag – on his heart.

You may have noticed that the characters look slightly different to how I’ve drawn them in the past, with altered designs and differing skin tones. This is part of an initiative to diversify my characters and art more, in order to not make them all look samey and look like they were drawn by a conveyor belt rather than by a human. It’s also a great way to show off Canada’s wonderful diversity that makes it a great country to visit and live in.

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦


Father’s Day 2018 — June 17, 2018

Father’s Day 2018

Fathers helped to create us; without them, none of us would be here. Even if they’re only celebrated on one day of the year – which is today – they’ve always been around for us, even if it’s not a physical presence.

Because of this, I’ve drawn some special art for the occasion:

Pictou Denoon & Stellarton Bridges-Drummond

Probably the most famous father figure in the Canadian Boys series, Stellarton is dad to Pictou, the protagonist of my first novel Once Upon a Time in Canada. Although his mother Port Hawkesbury mostly cares for him, Stellarton does have his fatherly duties for Pictou. Here, he shares a

I had drawn a version of this before, but decided to draw it digitally to add extra effects, like the starry gradient background. The stars tie in somewhat to Stellarton, as his name starts with ‘Stella’, which is Latin for star. This reflects the etymology of the name of his hometown, which was named for a kind of coal which gave off star-like sparkles when ignited.

The town of Stellarton, Nova Scotia

To finish, here’s a celebratory poem by Keith Garrett:


Down through the years, there have been many types of fathers,

Unfortunately, some get lost with what it takes to really be a dad.

Sad as it is sons and daughters grow up without and not knowing,

Thoughts and questions are held onto that may eat at with sadness.

This father’s day let’s honor and praise the men who do stand strong,

To the ones who are new and too those who have been at it for a while.

You were there when first you saw his little face and a smile of a lifetime,

You were there when her tiny hands touched your heart forever, young father.

You were there walking her down the aisle when again her life began,

You were there when a son stood at the altar hand in hand with his bride.

Through the bumps and bruises, good times or bad, it was you strong as a rock,

To you on father’s day, the ones whom never give up, you are dad, a father.

Happy father’s day,

Keith Garrett

📚🌹Happy World Book and Copyright Day 2018!📚🌹 — April 23, 2018

📚🌹Happy World Book and Copyright Day 2018!📚🌹

By Hook Or By Book


Reading takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere.

~ Hazel Rochman ~


In honor of this year’s World Book Day, Amazon is offering nine Kindle books from around the world for free! This offer is good through Tuesday. Check them out here:

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Nova Scotian Easter Egg Rainbow (2018) — April 1, 2018

Nova Scotian Easter Egg Rainbow (2018)

Nova Scotian Easter Egg Rainbow

Easter has arrived again, and with it, a rainbow of eggs are appearing everywhere. Due to the recent frequent rainshowers, I felt a rainbow would be appropriate, and this gave me an idea…

It’s been quite a while since I last drew these guys because of me having moved on to other areas of Canada, but the Nova Scotians of Canadian Boys still inspire me every so often. They encompass pretty much every single colour in the spectrum, making them ripe to pick Easter eggs in all seven colours of the rainbow.

As you might expect, everyone carries an egg which is the same colour as their outfit. For the past year, I’ve been slowly building up my marker collection, and while almost all hues have been accounted for, some of the characters needed very specific shades of a certain colour, which made them a little difficult to colour in.

Characters shown (left to right):

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Tatamagouche (red)
:bulletorange: Lunenburg (orange)
:bulletyellow: Yarmouth (yellow)
:bulletgreen: Springhill (green)
:bulletblue: Bridgewater (blue)
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Oxford (indigo)
:bulletpurple: Wolfville (violet) – never drawn before

Happy Easter! 🐥🐤🐣🐰🐇🥚🌈



International Women’s Day 2018 — March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

I continue to celebrate women and girls everywhere this International Women’s Day through the medium of art.

This celebratory gallery includes woman-and-woman romantic relationships – something of a first for me, and paving the way towards more LGBT+ acceptance.



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