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Valentine’s Day 2019 — Feb 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

It’s the day of loving! And this Valentine’s Day is a bit more special than others, because…

Truro Deuville and Yarmouth Clements' Engagement
Truro Deuville & Yarmouth Clements’ Engagement

…Truro and Yarmouth (of A Nova Scotian Way of Life) are finally getting married! 👬💗💍

They are the second couple of mine to get married, after Amherst and Springhill a few years earlier. In celebration of their upcoming marriage, several other (already) married couples – namely Amherst x Springhill and Port Hawkesbury x Stellarton – have gathered to witness this historic moment, as Yarmouth goes from being Truro’s long-time friend and boyfriend to his fiancé. This is also an historic moment for me, as I’ve never really drawn a couple in the process of proposing before; up to now, you’ve only really seen the aftermath (of sorts).

I chose the ruby for Truro’s ring so it could match his jacket, but the red colour also suggests love and passion, which is what today is all about. As if he’s opening up a box of his love for Yarmouth, I appropriately stamped some hearts that appear to be emerging from the box – and possibly even the ring itself. They’re planning to have their wedding in the summer on a beach overlooking the big blue sea.

This from Truro himself:

“Happy Valentine’s Day from me – and my soon-to-be-husband, Yarmouth!”


Nova Scotian Valentine Cards — Feb 10, 2019

Nova Scotian Valentine Cards

’Tis the season to be loving! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve made a collection of Valentine cards starring the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life (ANSWOL). They can be downloaded, printed out and sent to your Valentine, or any loved one!

Love doesn’t just have to be of the romantic kind. :love:

small heart - pink small heart - hot pink small heart - red small heart - orange small heart - light orange small heart - yellow small heart - light yellow small heart - lime green small heart - green small heart - teal small heart - aqua small heart - blue small heart - dark blue small heart - darker blue small heart - purple small heart - magenta  Flag of Nova Scotia Emoji


Canadian Provincial and Territorial Emojis! — Feb 5, 2019

Canadian Provincial and Territorial Emojis!

After seeing that there were many flags of Canada on DeviantArt, but none of the Canadian provincial or territorial flags had been made into emojis, I decided to make them myself! They’re all free to use without needing my permission or credit for Canadians and non-Canadians alike. I still hope there’ll be official ones someday, along with beaver and moose emojis.

Flag of British Columbia Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Alberta Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Saskatchewan Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Manitoba Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Ontario Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Quebec Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of New Brunswick Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Nova Scotia Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Newfoundland + Labrador Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Prince Edward Island Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Yukon Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Northwest Territories Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Nunavut Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld

And while I know these aren’t technically provinces in themselves, I like to either think of them as provinces-within-a-province, or they have historical significance in a community.

Flag of Cape Breton Island Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Newfoundland Republic Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Labrador Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld Flag of Acadia Emoji by SurfingTheSeaWorld

Ice is Nice… If You’re Skating on It (2019) — Jan 30, 2019

Ice is Nice… If You’re Skating on It (2019)

Ice is Nice When You're Skating On It
Ice is Nice When You’re Skating On It

Having finally recovered from my post-holiday blues and getting back into my normal routine, I’m back to running this blog!

With winter in full blow, it’s never been a more perfect time to try out ice skating. That’s exactly what the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life have taken up, but instead of hitting the ice at a skating rink, in true Canadian style, they’ve decided to do it au naturel – on a frozen-over lake. Luckily, the ice is solidified enough so if someone falls over, they won’t take a plunge into the freezing water beneath and emerge encased in an ice cube!

The snowflakes and snow on top of the pine trees were created with silver glitter pens and a silver metallic marker, adding a magical touch of winter wonderland. The shimmers on the ice were drawn calligraphy-style with a Copic brush marker a slightly brighter shade of pale blue to the ice itself (more specifically, Frost Blue against Pale Blue Grey, the colour I used for the ice).

Although this technically isn’t my first artwork of 2019 as I’d drawn a few artworks before this one at the new year, it is my first traditional artwork of 2019, as I was obviously not able to take my whole collection of markers with me on the plane to Colombia. Instead, I sketched and doodled with pencils everywhere I went, with an easier-to-carry sketchbook. My marker collection is so huge that they need an entire Ikea storage box all to themselves (plus a marker carrying case), and those would be a huge pain to drag around – let alone a burden on the weight limit!

Remembrance Day 2018 — Nov 11, 2018

Remembrance Day 2018

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. At 11.11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, an armistice was signed in a tank, putting an end to the battles which had raged around the world for four years.

Every 11th of November is a day to remember all the troops which fell during the war, and in all wars after, including World War 2 and more recent wars. The poppy is the symbol of remembrance, its bright scarlet petals said to represent the blood which was spilled as the soldiers fought for their – and our – freedom.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning… We will remember them.”

poppy meadow


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