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My Christmas List 2019 — Dec 9, 2019

My Christmas List 2019

Candles, Christmas baubles and a holly wreath amongst snow

The festive season is upon us again, and I’m once again writing my wish list for Santa! I’m not going to specify brand names here for my own confidentiality, but you can kind of get what I want for Christmas. ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ

  • Set of markers
  • Modelling clay (Plasticine)
  • Fabric pens
  • A3 marker pad
  • Bag of crystals
  • Book of crystals
Announcement for December 2018 — Dec 2, 2018

Announcement for December 2018

If I suddenly go quiet during December, donโ€™t worry – Iโ€™m not dead, Iโ€™m only on vacation!

The place where Iโ€™m staying at for the next month or so may have little or no Internet connection, so I may only come on at very irregular times, or not at all. Christmas is a time to be spent with family, and I of course want to get out and see as much as I can while on holiday.

In case I canโ€™t come online on the day itself, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hereโ€™s to 2019!

Merry christmas everybodyย Christmas- PlusleChristmas- Minun

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Nova Scotian Beach Vacation (2018) — Aug 8, 2018

Nova Scotian Beach Vacation (2018)

Nova Scotian Beach Vacation

With ever-rising temperatures, this summer is set to be one of the hottest on record – if not THE hottest. That means it’s important to keep cool (literally), so most of us will be taking the plunge at the beach or in the pool. Which includes (some of) the cast of A Nova Scotian Way of Life.

The beach backdrop is inspired by some of the seaside trips I’ve enjoyed this summer, most notably Camber Sandsย with its sandy grassy golden dunes. Of course, the sea is almost never this shade of turquoise where I live, but it’s a lot brighter and sunnier-looking than the boring greyish-green which is the common colour of the ocean here. The off-white crest of the waves evokes bubbly seafoam, while the darker shade of beige in the sand is meant to have been soaked by the neverending rush of waves, revealing some hidden nautical treasures.

Along with the usual favourites of mine, some characters I don’t usually draw in swimsuits have also joined in the beach party. Truro and Yarmouth play some beach volleyball on the sands, while Lunenburg snoozes out in the sun and New Glasgow tries to ignite a summer romance with Peggy’s Cove… but all in vain.

I never tire of drawing beach scenes, even in the dark cold depths of winter when I imagine myself in warmer climes. ๐Ÿ–๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Springhill’s Beach Vacation (2018) — Jun 13, 2018

Springhill’s Beach Vacation (2018)

Springhill Horton’s Beach Vacation

With hotter weather comes hotter destinations. Inspired by a recent day-trip I took to Camber Sands, I followed up a previous drawing with Springhill and his family from Canadian Boys holidaying on the beach.

The memories from Camber were still fresh in my mind when I drew this, so I took inspiration from the seascapes by creating grassy and golden sandy dunes. The trek up the dunes onto the beach is quite steep, but well worth the climb, as there are miles of sand and big blue sea around.

A treasure trove of seashells scattered up and down the beach led me to insert some prettily pink shells lying upon the damp sand, as well as an amethyst sea snail shell (partly inspired by my time on Canvey Island, where thousands of snail shells dotted the shores).

As with previous beachy art, the sand and sea layers were coloured with darkening tones of beige and sea green. I used a deeper tone of beige to colour the sand closest to the sea, as if dampened by the never-ending rolling waves. The white part of the waves evokes sea foam or even the crest of a surf wave.

Those of you who recognize the Canadian provincial flags may have spotted the flag on top of Parrsboro’s freshly-built sandcastle:


It’s the flag of Nova Scotia, reflecting the roots of all the characters in the picture. As before, Pugwash’s towel is decorated with the Nova Scotia tartan, although with the blue in a slightly more muted tone. The beach umbrella is also partially inspired by the tartan, with shades of blue, green and yellow.


As June is Pride Month, I also took the opportunity for Amherst and Springhill to hold hands romantically while taking a dip into the sea. They are officially husband and husband, being originally just good friends and then being newly-engaged boyfriends. Springhill even wears an emerald and silver ring to signify his marriage to Amherst, although he has obviously taken it off in this picture so it doesn’t get rusted and corroded by the salty seawater.


Bank Holiday in Margate — Aug 30, 2017

Bank Holiday in Margate


It’s very rare that we get a rain-free Bank Holiday in England, but this year’s late-summer Bank Holiday fortunately bucked the infamous trend with hot sun and relatively warm temperatures. Perfect for one last getaway to the beach before the cooler autumn weather set in. ๐Ÿ˜Žโ˜€๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚

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