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Merry Blogmas 2018! — Dec 25, 2018

Merry Blogmas 2018!

To all my readers, followers, and admirers, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Or if you celebrate another holiday, or don’t even celebrate Christmas at all, have a wonderful day filled with gifts and surprises!


A Nova Scotian Christmas Tree
A Nova Scotian Christmas Tree
A Very Merry Nova Scotia Christmas
A Very Merry Nova Scotia Christmas
Another Double IAMP/PC Christmas Helping! (2017) — Dec 11, 2017

Another Double IAMP/PC Christmas Helping! (2017)

Having served up a double Christmas helping of Project Canada a couple of Christmases ago, it’s time for another one – just in time for the festive season!

Sherry Lai’s Canada – The Santa Hat Get-Together

First up is the obligatory Santa hat gathering, but with a little twist. Instead of the traditional red or green (as per vintage festive Coca-Cola adverts), all the provinces and territories’ hats are in a different colour, which corresponds somewhat with the colour of their outfits. Some of their outfits have been slightly modified to fit the wild wintry weather better, like adding boots and undershirts.

Matthew Williams & His Provinces & Territories

The second details a traditional family Christmas gathering – in front of the TV. In a somewhat occasional appearance in these kinds of drawings, Canada stands back in the corner with Labrador – who for some reason is separated from Newfoundland – as his kids gather around the set to watch a festive movie. Since the TV has its back to the viewer, it’s left to their imagination as to which movie they’re watching. For a Canadian Christmas, possibly One Magic Christmas – which was filmed around Ontario, or the myriad festive films which the Hallmark Channel churns out every year, which are mostly filmed in various locations around Canada, despite usually trying to put on an American facade?

This also marks the second time that a room in Canada’s house has appeared in a drawing, the first time being in the New Year’s Eve party from 2015:

Sherry Lai’s Canada – New Year’s Party
IAMP/PC: Decorating the Christmas Tree (2016) — Dec 25, 2016

IAMP/PC: Decorating the Christmas Tree (2016)


With it being Christmas, a suitably festive artwork to go with it was obviously going to come about sooner or later. And I just had to base it around what is probably one of my most favourite fandoms – Project Canada, or the IAmMatthewian Project, or Sherry Lai’s Canada (as I call it).

Though it might be just a little bit late, Canada has gotten on to decorating the Christmas tree, with all his province and territory kids watching. He’s now just putting on the finishing touches by sticking a huge golden star on top, glimmering with the reflection of the light given off by the falling snowflakes.

As it’s cold and snowing, everybody is decked out in their winter wares (except, strangely, Canada). Their winter outfits this time look slightly different to the last time I drew them, though – I decided to change them up a little for the new winter season, and not a cheesy Christmas jumper in sight!

IAMP Provinces in Winterwear
IAMP Provinces Wearing Santa Hats

(Manitoba and the territories keep their normal outfits – with a few minor additions – as their winter outfits, since they’re already geared up for the cold weather.)

Much like a previous artwork of mine, the star atop the Christmas tree and the snowflakes were coloured using metallic coloured pencils – gold for the star, and metallic blue for the snowflakes. Metallic coloured pencils – including gold and silver – are now common in many artists’ pencil packs, which means you can also give sheen to objects which need a little more shine. Metallic gel pens can also make a drawing shine, though it may take longer to colour something in with them, particularly if it’s a large area.

Prismacolor metallic and neutral coloured pencils
It’s Christmas in the City of Canada – Promotional Artwork

A very Merry Christmas to everybody, and I’ll be seeing you all in 2017!











Dartmouth and Jollimore: On Christmas —

Dartmouth and Jollimore: On Christmas

(Dartmouth and Jollimore are sitting in a room decked out to the brim with Christmas tinsel, a Christmas tree with fairy lights and baubles of different hues, flashing neon ‘Merry Christmas’ signs and Santa Claus dolls of varying sizes. Christmas songs play in the background.)

Dartmouth: (takes in a deep breath and sighs) Man, oh man. Christmas. The most stressful time of the year.

Jollimore: (cheerfully) The most wonderful time of the year!

Dartmouth: Many people say that. But really, it’s stressful.

Jollimore: It’s Christmas. What more could you say? Presents under the Christmas tree, colourful decorations, turkey with stuffing, Christmas pudding, fun in the snow… It really is the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes!

Dartmouth: Not for some people. Christmas is the most expensive and stressful time of the year for them. Including me.

Jollimore: Well, I can understand that. Some gifts aren’t cheap. Like those fancy phones, tablets or video game consoles all the kids want nowadays.

Dartmouth: And it’s even more expensive if you have several kids or friends who want those gifts too. Just thinking about the prices is bringing a headache on to me.

Jollimore: (smiling) But still, it feels good to give! That’s what Christmas is all about, after all – it’s the season of giving!

Dartmouth: Well, I certainly do give… those stupid kids a good whacking when they get up to their little tricks!

Jollimore: (grinning) Gonna get coals in their stockings, are they, Dartmouth? Naughty kids get coals instead of presents for Christmas.

Dartmouth: Oh, they certainly will be. They’re always on Santa’s naughty list, so every Christmas will be full of coal for them!

Jollimore: That’s actually kinda sad. Those kids look forward to Christmas all year for their presents underneath the tree. And all they get are little black rocks.

Dartmouth: At least those coals have a useful purpose – keeping them warm throughout the winter, unlike all those fancy-prancy gadgets they’re so addicted to!

Jollimore: But they want something fun for their presents. They ARE kids, after all.

Dartmouth: Yes, but what about us adults? We’re too old for all that “magic” and “sparkles” malarkey! We’re more hardened and realistic!

Jollimore: I think you’re forgetting something, Dartmouth…

Dartmouth: Eh, you’re just a fluke, Jollimore. But I’m much more mature than you. I don’t have to deal with all that “positive thinking” New Age malarkey you practise. And Christmas is just another ordinary day for me.

Jollimore: Oh, Christmas certainly isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s a magical day!

Dartmouth: It’s a stressful day for me, and that’s that.

Jollimore: (to the audience) Ah, he can never catch a break… even at the holiday season.

A very Merry Christmas to all of you!





Nova Scotians at Christmas — Dec 3, 2016

Nova Scotians at Christmas

Halifax: Oh, a phone and a watch, I’m really organised for when I go back to work after the holidays.

Dartmouth: Argh, not overly-thick sweaters AGAIN! Are they trying to kill me with heatstroke?!

Jollimore: (chuckling to himself) I bet Dartmouth will LOVE those new warm sweaters I gave him!

Sambro: (seeing the tag on his new kilt, blushing) Oh, Bracebridge, you really didn’t have to.

Peggy’s Cove: A red beanie? Won’t my roof covering protect me from the wet and cold already?

Lunenburg: (sleeping under the Christmas tree, a present squished under his head)

Mahone Bay: Oh, more fishing rods? So I can catch more fish at the same time, then?

Truro: (opens his gift box to find Yarmouth hiding inside, gasping)

Yarmouth: (jumps out of the box and noisily kisses Truro on the lips)

Pubnico: Ooh, a blanket! Now my rear won’t ache when I sit down on that rock for too long!

Amherst: That’s a strange-looking present… I wonder what it could be? (unties the ribbon off the blanket and gasps)

Springhill: (suddenly sits up and gazes into Amherst’s eyes, sees the mistletoe above and kisses him passionately on the lips)

Joggins: Parrsboro, get off the Christmas tree this instant! And don’t dust it with your backside, either!

Parrsboro: (to Joggins) Naw, who needs a duster when I have my beautiful booty to do the job?

Pugwash: (seeing the empty space below the Christmas tree) Oh dear, is my Christmas over already? I’d better roast the turkey, then…

Westville: Potatoes? Alright! Better get planting! (jumps into a mud puddle outside)

Pictou: Oh, goodness me, that was some delicious eggnog… Oh no, I’ve wet myself!

New Glasgow: (filming the crowds outside) Ooh, look at that, will ya? This’ll definitely be something to have a little lie-in over…

Stellarton: (to Pictou) Oh, Pictou, I know you love your food and all, but I think you’ve gone a little too far this time!

James River: (seeing the tag on one of his presents, surprised) Wait… Does this mean Antigonish is finally agreeing a truce with me?

Antigonish: (raging) Argh, not that time of year again! Do I really have to give the people I hate presents every year for “kindness”?

Arisaig: (agreeing with Antigonish) Too true, uncle Antigonish! Why do we have to give presents to people we hate?

Digby: “The Big Book of World Fish”? But don’t I have a smaller version of this in my pocket?

Guysborough: (sharing a split-screen with Digby) Same here! I have fishing rod after fishing rod! Isn’t one enough?!

Kemptville: Oh? A clock and a calendar? Heh heh, I guess I am a forgetful old man…

Kentville: (to Kemptville) Oh, yes indeed you are, Dad. (smiles)

Wolfville: (picking up an aerosol can, pretending to read the label) “New Glasgow Spray Repellent”? (re-reads the label) Oh no, wait, it’s just a blueberry and cinnamon perfume.

Port Hawkesbury: (to Pictou) You heard your father, Pictou. I think you’ve eaten a little too much for your own good.

Cheticamp: Acadian dance tunes? Ooh, perfect tunes for the Christmas party tonight!

Presqu’ile: (sharing a split-screen with Cheticamp) I’m so agreeing with you on that one, Cheticamp! Let me get my Acadian dance costume on!

Judique: (suddenly breaks wind loudly, blushing to his ‘colleagues’) Sorry. Must’ve eaten lots of sprouts at dinner last night.

Campbell: (sarcastically) Sheesh, thanks for that, Judique. You’ve stunk the apple and cinnamon scent out of the room now.

Lime Hill: (regretfully) I knew I shouldn’t have let him near those sprouts when we cooked the Christmas dinner.

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