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A Post-Easter Surprise… — Apr 18, 2017

A Post-Easter Surprise…

(Get it? Post? 😁)

So this came for me in my letterbox today:

It’s a full-colour portrait of Jollimore from Secondary School by the Sea wearing his rainbow lei, as seen in Life is a Beach, by the greatly talented Lisa Saukel – AKA Lighane!

She draws many anime-style masterpieces using her trusty Copic markers and Caran D’Ache coloured pencils. She can be found mainly at her Etsy store, where I bought this commission from:

Or on her DeviantArt at:

Pearl (Steven Universe) by Lighane

I like to think of this as an egg-stra special post-Easter gift… much better than just some chocolate eggs! 😍😊


Jollimore in a rainbow lei by Lighane


Life is a Beach: Chapter 5 — Oct 11, 2016

Life is a Beach: Chapter 5

Reaching the upper perimeter of the beach, the students made a dash for the beach huts, cheering even more as they whipped out their lunch sacks and towels to be used as blankets for sitting down on. Just as Dartmouth reached his own hut, a delirious student flung his door open, slamming Dartmouth straight in the face and causing him to topple down to the sand. “Gargh, why can’t these stupid kids ever do things calmly?” he asked with indignation, sighing and slapping his face with his open palm. Jollimore smiled. “They’re having fun, that’s why they’re excited.” “But I’m not having any fun on this day-trip at all…” moaned Dartmouth, his arms beating the sandy ground beneath. “Well, I am, and so are the students,” giggled Jollimore, which only made Dartmouth give a jaded groan.

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Life is a Beach: Chapter 4 — Sep 3, 2016

Life is a Beach: Chapter 4

Steeping themselves briefly in the briny seawater to condition their bodies for swimming in salt, Dartmouth and Jollimore ducked under the water to keep their hair soaked, inhaling big gulps of fresh coastal air as they popped back above the surface. “Bleurgh, I think I just tasted some salt,” Dartmouth blurted out in repugnance, spitting out a little of the unpleasantly salty sensation in his mouth. “You’ve gotta keep your mouth well shut when you go swimming in the ocean,” chuckled Jollimore. “Sea salt isn’t like the salt you sprinkle over your French fries.” Dartmouth seemed taken aback. “Are you telling me to shut up?” he countered menacingly, glowering at Jollimore with his thin slits of eyes. “No, no, I mean just keep your mouth closed,” Jollimore tittered, shaking his open palms out at Dartmouth, who growled lowly, folding his arms.

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Life is a Beach: Chapter 3 — Jul 15, 2016

Life is a Beach: Chapter 3

First off the bus were Jollimore and the driver, Jollimore standing at the entrance. The door open, the students dashed energetically outside into the parking lot, making many shoeprints in the sand, still gabbling away. “Kids, stay still,” ordered Jollimore, gently putting his open palms out to the students. “Move along, I’m coming off,” said Dartmouth apathetically, beginning to disembark the bus. However, the edge of his shoe got caught on the last step, and he tripped over, crashing face-down onto the sand. The students pointed and laughed out loud at Dartmouth while he picked himself back up, growling as he briskly shook all the sand off his suit and face. “Gah, we’ve barely just arrived and already I’m sanded…” he moaned to himself, dusting off the excess sand.

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Life is a Beach: Chapter 2 — Jul 12, 2016

Life is a Beach: Chapter 2

As the bus turned onto a freeway, the students started to toss knives around and fire guns, aiming to hit Dartmouth. He braced himself, his arms wrapped around his neck, trying to shield himself from a barrage of bullets. “Oh, Jollimore, this is why I’m so sceptical of the safety of our school!” he clamoured angrily, a flying bullet just barely tearing some flesh off the nape of his neck. “Ah, they’re just rebellious teens, y’know?” chuckled Jollimore. “And I hate you for that…” Dartmouth rasped under his breath, patting at his neck.

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