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Books on Crystals — Sep 16, 2019

Books on Crystals

Continuing from my previous post, here’s some useful reference books for those who – like me – are just getting into the crystal scene. 💎

Brunching Bookworms

Since I’ve been down, unsure about life and stressed I’ve been trying lots of new ways to calm myself, ground and centre me. I’ve taken up yoga and meditation classes which are helping a lot, and also taken a keen interest in crystals and crystal healing. I’ve always been interested in crystals my first one was a rose quartz then I got some blue algate, then people gave me some crystals and after beginning meditation my collection began more and I wanted to gain more knowledge about these beautiful and powerful crystals.

IMG_6668The Power of Crystal Healing
By Emma Lucy Knowles

This book was the perfect “starter” book, it gave simple ways on how to cleanse, use and purchase crystals. The book has beautiful imagery and photography throughout. Emma lists lots of crystals and also alternatives which have similar properties. The one thing I didn’t like about this book is…

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Green — Mar 17, 2019


In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the colour green here at Surfing the Sea!

Steven Schwartzmann at Portraits of Wildflowers
Steven Schwartzman at Portraits of Wildflowers

One of nature’s most common colours (after blue), green is associated with the environment and its conservation (hence the phrase “going green”), freshness, vegetables, gardening, and envy. Due to its lush green fields and hills, Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle, and the colour green has become associated with Ireland, Irishness and the Celtic culture as a whole.

Lime, emerald, bottle, jade or forest – what’s your favourite shade of green? I’m more partial to the darker shades of green, but I do like bright splashes of lime and chartreuse for that fresh citrus twist.


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Sabrina Gardiner: a love affair with Canada – Digital Media — Feb 20, 2019

Sabrina Gardiner: a love affair with Canada – Digital Media

My love of Canada has now made it to the prestigious Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House in the heart of London! ️

For almost ten years, I have had an intense love affair with Canada. Why exactly I love Canada has always eluded me; maybe it’s the friendliness of the people, or the vastness and natural beauty of its varied landscapes from sea to shining sea, or the numerous films and TV shows that are reeled out every year.

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31 Awesome Things You Absolutely Must Do in Vancouver, BC — Sep 26, 2018

31 Awesome Things You Absolutely Must Do in Vancouver, BC

Little Grey Box

A city surrounded by water and mountains, Vancouver really is beautiful. As you drive around, it’s hard not to fall in love with the giant trees and green spaces, the awesome cafes and restaurants and the unique buzz of energy in the air. Giant street art murals and hipster spots are nestled next to historic buildings on cobblestone streets in Gastown and in North Vancouver, suspension bridges wrapped around ancient trees make for the perfect big-kid playground. It’s a fascinating mix of new-age culture and old-world beauty, offering visitors a whole world of fun and food to explore. To help you plan an amazing trip, here are our tips on 31 awesome things you absolutely must do in Vancouver, BC!

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